Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kim Got Married!!

We were in MN for my sister's wedding! The whole week was a blast and the wedding was spectacular! Kim was a stunning and radiant bride. Here are some great pictures that capture the week and the big day.

Hitting up the MN State Fair was a MUST!

Mani/Pedi for the bride!

It was so fun catching up with long time friends, like Scott!

Practicing for the big day.

My only shot with the Bride!!! I hope someone else got more, isn't she stunning!?

The wonderful parents. Ewald & Karen Toldt and Diane and Randy Moselle

Norah was the flower girl! She can't walk yet so David helped her get down the aisle :)

Sealing the deal!
*One of the many special things about this day... Kim wore my Mom's wedding gown. My mom was just as stunning in it 30 something years ago!

It was a little hot at this outdoor wedding but that didn't stop us from dancing!

Mr. & Mrs. Toldt!
The morning following the wedding we were lucky enough to have the bride and groom to ourselves (both immediate families). They came back to my parents house and opened gifts and we reminisced about the wonderful wedding. What a fun week!
L to R: (top row) Ewald, Aaron, Karen, Sarah, Randy, Adam, David & Hannah (bottom row) Diane, Nathan, Kim, Kelly, Norah


Terri said...

How fun! Kim looked radiant, and so did you, Kel!

Karen Blomgren said...

We loved being at Kim and Nathan's wedding and celebrating at such a beautiful setting. We loved your darling little flower girl! What a great day it was for your entire family. Love, Chuck and Karen

Kimberly said...

Oh thanks for posting! I haven't seen some of these pics! What an awesome week that was! I miss you guys and can't wait to have more time with you all. Thanks for coming and celebrating :) Love you!


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