Monday, September 20, 2010

Our baby girl is ONE year old today!! It's been such a huge year for us and we feel blessed beyond words.
Let me tell you a little about Norah currently!
Temperament: She is so happy! So many times I've had people tell me, "I've never heard Norah cry, does she ever cry?" To which I respond, yes occassionaly. We are so blessed with a very content baby... maybe we have this idea that all babies are as content and self entertaining as Norah.
Social Skilz: Norah is very social girl already! She loves people and smiles at strangers all the time (little flirt). She also is willing to let just about anyone hold her. For example: we were just in FL for a wedding and the maid of honor was speaking so Norah and I were standing in the back. One of the servers was next to us and making faces at her, all the sudden Norah reaches to this lady with both arms and her full body! It was surprising but super cute. The lady LOVED to hold her :) She's probably so socially great do to the fact that we've gotten to travel so much this past year (Norah has been on 20 flights!).
Here's Norah in her birthday suite in Florida last week!
Development: Norah has been crawling since July 4th, so about 3 months! She's now walking behing rolling toys (I'll post a video soon) and she even stands on her own for about 10 seconds here and there. Aunt Colleen says Norah will probably walk a few steps in the next month or so! Scary!!! She also dances to any music that's on the radio or t.v. even if it's only for a few seconds she starts to jive. She also climbs stairs very quickly! Norah also has one tooth, the one next to the top middle and is currently cutting two more (the top middle).
Language: Norah has been signing "milk" since around 5 months. Now she signs, "Doggie"/"Wrigley", "more" and "hi/bye"... I think that's it. Oh yeah, she also claps when she's happy or to mimic someone clapping. I wish I knew more signs to do but that's almost all I've been doing with her.
It's so amazing how much she understands even though she cannot form words yet. For example: when she wakes up from a nap or night time I come and great her and say "spit out your paci(fier)" and she does it! Once it's out I'll pick her up. So smart! She also said "Mam/Mom" since around 4 months when she wanted milk or for me to pick her up. Now she's dropped the word "Mom" and says "Dadadadadada" or "Nanananaanana"... not really referring to anyone or the anything. She does definitely try and say the word paci but it comes out more like, "Asi" as she points to her pacifier.
Sleep update: Last week she basically slept through the night and went down like a champ! I think all your prayers have helped us make some beautiful progress. We just needed some encouragement and prayers, thank you. She still takes a little extra love to get to sleep and then for the most part wakes up for one-two feeding per night. What a blessing for David and myself.


Peter and Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Norah! She is so sweet and it was fun to read what she is up to!

David and Bethany said...

I can't believe she's already one! This past year has gone so fast! I'm impressed to see that she has been consistently signing since 5 months for milk--that is great! We are still working on our signs. :) Norah's birthday cake is adorable! Hope she had fun digging in to it! Love, Bethany


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