Thursday, May 19, 2011


Pictured above:
Jen, Me, Joy, Marybeth
Karen, Ashley, Laura

My wonderful Taylor girls have all played such unique roles in my life and walk with the Lord.  I've only been able to attend two reunions and missed maybe five but the times we've reunited have been super sweet!

Reconnecting with friends who have walked through daily life with you, through getting married and having babies... it's a sweet sweet thing.  I'm so thankful for these wonderful women who love the Lord and me!
Some highlights of the trip: talking until 4am (yikes!), eating lots of good food (what's a girls weekend without it!?), adding 4 more flights to Norah's list (it's quite exhausting, to say the least!), surprising the girls with David being in town (I'll explain) and surprising them with our move to Germany (they found out the same day you did) throwing Ashley a bridal shower, seeing David and Disko (otherwise known as Stephen) together giggling like little girls.
Here's how it all went down:
  • David was training in AL the week we got the call, he came home for a long weekend and quickly left for a month long training - in OH of all places!
  • Norah and I left the following day for the reunion.
  • Since we were only an hour from David, Disko picked him up late on Friday night and they arrived to suprise the girls!  Then David spilled the beans about Germany to them.  It was a fun way to announce the news.
  • I was so thankful to have a babysitter/David so I could hang with my girls :)
  • We had to say bye to David again.
  • We are almost done with the month long training (!!!!!) - then we can actually process the move and the impending changes!
  • Crazy.


carly said...

so fun! i know i already got to hear about the trip, but it was fun to be able to see pics of your friends! see you tonight! :)

Peter and Bethany said...

There is nothing like TU friendships! I had to tell you that your phone finding website saved me the other day. I was so thankful that you posted it!

Stephen said...

Love it.

David and Bethany said...

I love seeing the pictures of your family with Stephen and Joy. There's nothing like seeing dear TU friends.


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