Tuesday, May 24, 2011

submission to His timing

Oh Lord, your ways are better than mine.  Help me to embrace this truth not just in my mind, but in my heart too.  We have seen you move and work through this adoption in only ways you could, but still I doubt your timing and discernment over our situation.  Please change my heart oh Lord and help me to trust you and find peace through the wait.  It's so hard to know that our little girl is without us (although, she doesn't know the difference) and growing and developing (hopefully!) in beautiful ways.  We are thankful for those things, yet yearn for more instant gratification.  Continue to teach me to let go and let you lead us and this process.  I give this to you - but I promise, giving it to you doesn't mean I'm not still longing for the minute Sweet Pea is in my arms... thank you Lord for a mother's love and longing for her child to be home.

From another adoptive mom's blog: When it comes to adoption, (at least in our experiences so far) every time God moves he does it in a way that puts his glory on display, at least to me. God moves in me to pray, and then he listens. He cares about the state of my heart. He wants me to depend on him and watch him work. And then he comes through. Every single time. 

I am longing to share a picture of our girl with you bug again, we aren't able to so... I'll leave you with what I can :)  Remember this package we gathered for Sweet Pea?  The most recent picture we received was her and her foster mom (so fun to see her too) and the items we fit in our one gallon bag - here's your sneak peak!  

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Jenny said...

Kelly, you're so precious and you have such a beautiful heart.


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