Monday, May 30, 2011

tick-tock, tick-tock

I know it's only been a few days for you readers but for us as we wait for adoption news... it's felt like much more!

It seems as though nothing has really happened in our adoption case for about a month (according to our timeline) but each day we wait we hopefully move up in line.  The whole Korean end of the process is a little beyond our understanding so we ask questions but mostly trust our expert case manager at WACAP.

The step we are on currently is getting Sweet Pea's Emigrant Permit.  The way the agency in Korea gets children's EP's is they submit them in batches (along with other children who's families are ready to adopt).   Since the EP's are submitted in batches the next batch is not able to be submitted until all the permits from the previous batch are returned.  Each batches processing time differs (of course) but usually ranges between 2-5 weeks for approval.  We've been hanging tight for almost 4 weeks just to have Sweet Pea's permit submitted, then we will have to wait for approval.  I know, it's all a little confusing and we feel somewhat helpless as our days pass and we anxiously wait for news.

Once approved she will have a visa medical where she will see a special doctor (only certain doc's are certified to clear children for medical visas, and all children being adopted internationally from Korea need a visa medical).  Whatever language that doctor uses to describe Sweet Pea goes onto a form that we have to sign and say we know all her medical history (again) - once signed this will be overnighted to the agency in Korea.  THEN, she will be scheduled for her visa interview.  This is basically an appearance where they officially clear her to travel and usually the day following the visa interview is when families get the call to come get their babies!

Sometime during all the aforementioned the agency in Korea also has applied for and probably received Sweet Pea's Korean passport.

In short, once the EP is approved bringing our baby girl home is very near!  Phew!

Since we have so many pending life changes we've just continued to roll through our many check lists to get ready to travel to Asia again (5th time for Kel, 4th time for David) and get ready to move to Europe (1st time to Europe for Kel, 3rd time for David).  We've been selling items online and buying things online and meeting up with beloved friends, starting many little piles for our trips ahead :)

I'm also excited to say that we have the gifts in order that we want to bring with us for the foster parents and Sweet Pea's social worker.  We are excited to bless these people who have loved on and supported our daughter when we weren't able to.  How do you thank someone for such an amazing gift?!  It's nearly impossible.

*Update: We just found out (today is June 1st) that the EP was submitted on May 20th!!!  We're so excited!


Jenny said...

Thanks for keeping us posted! We'll pray for the EP to be approved pronto!

Mattie said...

Thanks for explaining some of this in terms that aren't so confusing! We got an email last week from our placement agency that said that Korea has met its quota for the year and no more referrals will be made until late fall :( Does this effect you at all? I sure hope not...


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